It has been a super wet year here in Cambridge, NY. In July, or garlic harvesting month, we got 10 inches. When there is that much water in the ground, disease and premature splitting are always our fears, but we came through unscathed. The garlic cured well and is in good shape. It was an especially good year for our Pskem River and Persian Star and a solid year for our Music. Both our Phillips and German White were a bit smaller, but still in decent shape.

This will be the last year we grow German White, which hasn't done great for us the past few years. Its characteristics are very similar to Music (some argue the two varieties are the same thing) so those craving German White should give our Music a try. 

2021 Seed Garlic (Updated November 3)

We will provide updates of quantities in stock as they become available.

Pskem River 

25 pounds large (2" - 2.5")

17 pounds small (1.75" - 2")

German White

SOLD OUT (2" - 2.5")

40 pounds small (1.5" - 2")


SOLD OUT large (2" - 2.5")

10 pounds small (1.75" - 2")

Persian Star

33 pounds large (2" - 2.5")

60 pounds small (1.75" - 2")


SOLD OUT (2" - 2.5")

38 pounds small (1.5" - 2")




Culinary and Seed Garlic - How to Buy

This year we have five varieties available for purchase. We harvest from early to late July and let cure until mid to late August. We make fresh garlic available immediately upon harvesting, but we don't recommend purchasing garlic for seed until September. 

Our garlic is available at the farm (best to call in advance) and at the Cambridge Valley Farmers Market Sundays from 10 to 2. We also ship seed garlic anywhere in the United States. Click here for contact information.

The following link provides descriptions of the varieties we grow and planting instructions. However, we strongly suggest contacting us before choosing which variety to plant.