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Is Long Days Farm Organic?

We are not certified organic. However, with a few exceptions, we adhere to organic practices, especially when it comes to chemical sprays.

What sprays do you use?

We spray our tomato plants with a combination of Regalia and Serenade to help control (or at least slow down) early and late blight. Regalia stimulates the plants to produce compounds the resist the pathogens. Serenade contains bacterium that fight the pathogens. 

We spray a limited amount of spinosad on potato and eggplant plants to combat Colorado potato beetles when there is a large infestation. The active ingredients are compounds derived from soil bacteria that are toxic to some insects. 

We spray our cauliflower, cabbage, and other brassicas with Bt., a bacterium that infects caterpillars such as the cabbage looper. 

We do not spray our berries. 

Our your eggs organic?

Because the feed we provide is not organic, the eggs cannot be considered organic. However, all the feed is non GMO.

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