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We are Debby Jaffe and Edwin Schiele - two science geeks united by our love of the outdoors, fresh healthy food, and our commitment to our community. 

For us, the farm is a logical extension of these passions. We grow on less than 1.5 acres. We strive to farm sustainably, striking the delicate balance between protecting our crops from pests (large and small) and diseases and improving the soil, while having a minimal impact on the surrounding ecology. We use organic practices and minimize spraying, even of sprays approved for organic use. 

Much of what we grow goes towards feeding our family, but the farm also provides us with an opportunity to connect with our community. We sell most of our produce within southern Washington County, NY, although we will mail our garlic anywhere in the country. We love to talk about farming, whether is about the different varieties of garlic, the challenges of growing carrots, or how farmers can make their products more accessible.

Our daughters Leah and Anna are an invaluable part of our team.


Argos and Callie help with the vegetable harvest.

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